The Lyndhurst Affair

When William Fitzalan, Earl of Lyndhurst, inherits his title in mysterious circumstances,

he discovers that his legacy includes a remote Northumbrian castle. William sets out to

take control of this new estate with his friend, Count Nikolaus Andrassy,

an opium-addicted Hungarian Hussar.

Goldsborough Castle holds many surprises, not least the wayward, orphaned daughter

of the previous owner.
Lady Angeline has secrets she must keep, especially from William, who she is convinced

is not the gentleman he pretends to be.
A brutal murder and rumours of pagan sacrifice puts everyone on their guard - who can be trusted?
William and Angeline are drawn into a whirlpool of intrigue and irresistible passion that threatens to destroy them both.

The Lyndhurst Affair by Elizabeth Quincey

© Elizabeth Quincey 2017